A Day in the Life of Desmond Windsor…



[disclaiming all rxn gifs in advance, under cut for length]

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Desmond Windsor goes on a crime spree, avoids the angel cashier, hears a mournful cry, finds out about the goblin workers, finds out about the naked halfling, heads to a bar to party it up, gets in a fight with monsters that can zap you to other realms, and then promptly loses everyone when dawn breaks. Also, the angel is scary.

dnd ditl team bad choices


So, my photographer friend Sue’s daughter is convinced that I’m an elf, and her mom explained that I was from Middle-Earth, specifically Mirkwood.

Kristen then asked to watch LotR and has been watching them and the Hobbit on repeat for the past couple weeks and has become incredibly passionate about it. She’s seven and has developmental disabilities, its very, very difficult to get her to engage and be interested in anything. So she has now decided she wants to speak elvish, be an elf, get elf ears, is learning everything she can about it, is attempting to read the books, and wants to hang out with me because I am a real life elf and can teach her about Rivendell and the Last Alliance. She was asking about battle strategies and how humans and elves could fight well together.

This is a little girl whose teachers and aids in school have said she’s incapable of investing in media and comprehending stories and retaining information presented to her at all. Now she’s memorizing family trees of elves.

Apparently they just weren’t challenging her on her level, and her level is Middle-Earth.

brb crying tolkien middle earth this is beautiful